TB20 - Distributed I/O system

With the TB20 I/O system you generate efficient and functional added value for a variety of application areas – irrespective of the fieldbus and proven in practice!

Three-component module design
TB20 I/O modules have three components: a separate front connector, an electronic module, and a base module. A locking mechanism ensures that all modules can be quickly mounted and securely attached on DIN rails while guaranteeing a reliable electrical connection. Likewise, all modules can be easily and quickly removed for maintenance and/or system expansions.

Modules are delivered as complete assembled units (i.e., as a single assembly) and can be installed immediately. This makes keeping expenisve special parts in stock obsolete.

Ideal handling, achieved with a compact design
The system’s ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. Moreover, the space-saving compact dimensions behind it do not take away from the system components’ heavy-duty sturdiness and reliable electrical contacts for industrial applications, which are further complemented by an IP20 protection rating. An optimal systems engineering breadth can be achieved through the use of modules with up to 16 digital or 8 analog channels and digital mix in/out modules.

Clear, unique labels
The system’s design ensures that each channel will be labeled clearly and uniquely, in a way that can be easily read during operation. This allows direct allocation of the terminal to the respective LED display. The labeling strips are suitable for laser printers.

Hot-Swap capability
Individual modules can be replaced quickly and easily while the rest of the system keeps running. The hot swap-compatible electronic module helps keep downtimes to a minimum.

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